A-Life Lady360

What is A-Life Lady360?

A-Life Lady360 is a non-participating plan which covers you until the age of 80. This plan provides comprehensive coverage for female-related illnesses and / or events as well as basic coverage for death and TPD. All the benefits are grouped into 7 main categories:

1. Basic Benefit

2. Female Illness Benefit

3. Female Care Benefit

4. Female Pregnancy Benefit

5. Cash Reward Benefit

6. Gift of Joy

7. Maturity Benefit

When you purchase A-Life Lady360, you can sign up to become an AIA Vitality member. AIA Vitality members will receive an additional benefit in the form of a Yearly Cash Bonus – which is a percentage of your Basic Premium Paid8 for A-Life Lady360. Every year, your Yearly Cash Bonus may increase, decrease or remain the same based on your AIA Vitality Status (capped at 50% of your Basic Premium Paid8 ).